Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks From Our Irving Plumbers

Our Irving plumbers know that there are some things that can be done to prevent major plumbing disasters. Sometimes it isn't that easy to know what to do. we have put together a small list of things to look for in your home. If you have any of these problems, call us in to fix them right away. Here is our personal guarantee: We stand behind our work and love what we do.

Keeping It Safe:

 One of the best tips is to hire a plumbing professional. Many times people try to save money by hiring a handy man for plumbing. The problem is when the work is done wrong. Our motto is do it once and do it right!

it's time to get a new water heater if

It's time to get a new water heater if:

The tank leaks, you hear a rumbling noise, the efficiency is down from where it was previously.

the toilet needs repair if

The toilet needs repair:

If its leaking from the tank or the base. Also, if you hear a vibrating noise when flushed.

the garbage disposal suddenly stops

The garbage disposal suddenly stops:

Check the plug under the sink to see if it's still plugged in the electrical outlet. If any object falls into the disposal, DO NOT attempt to remove it on your own. A plumber must be called.

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